Tux time…. again

So this weekend was the spring concert with the Sierra Vista Symphony Orchestra and I was super looking forward to taking a tux photo to compare to the one I took at January’s concert. Of course my schedule has been crazy, so it wasn’t until Saturday morning – the day of the concert – that I finally got to try on all my tux pieces to be sure they were adjusted properly. (Ah, the joys of having bought a used rental tux!)

So I put on the pants – definitely too big, and for some reason my suspenders have vanished without a trace. Anyway, I utilized the little slidey things at the waistband to adjust the pants so they’d stay up. Then I put on the shirt, and it felt absolutely huge on me. There wasn’t time to go get a new one, so I just had to go with it. The vest has an adjustable elastic band in the back. While I shortened that band quite a bit, the vest was clearly not intended to be taken in that much. Then the jacket – also too large. But everything was fitting as well as it was going to fit.

Once I got changed between the dress rehearsal and concert, I went ahead and replicated the photo I took at our January concert. While I’m having a tough time seeing the difference in fit between the two photos, I definitely felt the difference. Here, you be the judge:

Left: January 2019, 223 pounds. Right: April 2019, 207 pounds.

I think it may just be all the layers of too much fabric. I don’t know. Or it could just be that my brain is a dick. I can certainly see the difference in my face, though.

October 2018 / January 2019 / April 2019.

So, yeah. I’m definitely going to need to purchase yet another smaller tux before our fall concert. At least that gives me some time to save up for it. Maybe I’ll even buy new this time? I don’t know. We’ll have to see where I’m at physically.

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