Looking way, way back…

So this weekend I decided it was safe to put all my jackets away. I think we’re past any last “cold snap”. Of course, I’m well aware I’m jinxing… something… by even saying that. But still, this was my thought process which brought me to writing this entry. So there we are.

As I moved items from my coat rack to the coat closet, I noticed my high school letter jacket hanging in the back of said closet. My curiosity got the best of me, and I tried it on. And you know what? It fit! I’d even say it was roomy. When I did up all the snaps, I would have been comfortable wearing a couple of layers underneath it were our temperatures not in the 80s. I think the last time I tried it on I just barely got the bottom snaps to connect if I sucked in my gut real good.

Then I got to thinking back because I couldn’t figure out the physics of how a coat purchased for (what I thought was) 160ish-pound-me was snug on 180something-pound-me, but roomy on 205-pound-me. So I started going through any old weight records I might have to try to figure that out.

The last time I lost weight – during which I started this blog – my lowest recorded weight in MFP was 189 in early November of 2014. I’m not too shocked that now-me fit into the coat better than late-2014-me because the clothes I’m wearing every day now are the same ones I was wearing then, despite now-me being a good 15 pounds heavier. Then again I’m also still doing strength work now, and I’d pretty much quit that and was only running for exercise then. I’m guessing my muscle to fat ratio is better than it was back then, but I’ve never really had that measured.

Then I went back to the next earliest time I really tried to lose weight, which would’ve been over the summer of 1999. I happened to still have an old AppleWorks spreadsheet in my computer’s archives from tracking that time, which ends I think in August 1999 with me getting from about 210 down to 200 pounds. So that would’ve roughly been my college Senior Recital weight. That was done solely by taking Metabolife. Remember that stuff? Also remember how it started giving major athletes heart attacks and killing them and stuff? Yeah. Fun times.

So what about way back in high school when that letter jacket was purchased? I thought I would’ve been in the 160s at that time, but I couldn’t be sure. Then I remembered that I still have my driver’s license from 1994, which would have that weight – or at least a very timely ballpark figure – printed on it. And that number? 185 pounds. So it’s safe to assume I was in the 180-185 pound range when that jacket was purchased, and it was meant to be a little roomy since that was the style at the time. Mystery solved.

Oh. You’re all probably wanting proof of this whole thing, yeah? Well, if you’ve read this far I suppose you deserve a reward. So here it is:

A 42-year-old in a high school letter jacket.

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