70 pounds down!

Sorry, I couldn’t come up with a snazzy “70” title. Anyway, this morning I stepped on the scale and hit the 70 pounds lost mark exactly. So that’s pretty cool. I’ll probably bounce back up a touch tomorrow, but that’s okay. I’m still taking the win today.

In other news, my body is changing. Like, a lot. In good ways. Last week I finally had to bust out the size 32 jeans. The waistband is just a touch snug still but otherwise they fit WAY better than my size 34s, which are going into the Too Big bin. The last time I wore these pants was something like 5 years ago. So that’s pretty cool. I did take a photo to commemorate the occasion, so here it is:

My r/loseit challenge team has a “pics or you didn’t gym” thread. Last week a bunch of the guys were posting flexing photos. I didn’t bother doing so for any of my workout photos because it just felt strange. It’s not something I do. But one of the guys said I should post one, so I took a photo after yesterday’s workout and shocked myself when I looked at it.

Yes, I absolutely took an assist from the lighting. On the other hand as a friend said, lighting can’t create what doesn’t exist. I’ve received a ton of positive feedback on this photo on Instagram and teh MyFace for which I’m incredibly grateful. I’ve also still got a LONG way to go. (I’m looking at you belly, “love” handles, and man-boobs). No time to get complacent now.

As always, thanks for reading.

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