Busting More Cycles

So I’m still over here busting cycles.  Gym thing is still going well, which is nice.

Back in December I was lamenting to some of my r/loseit friends that I didn’t have any local running friends.  They suggested I check out parkrun – a social running thing.  I looked them up and it turns out there is a group here in Tucson which meets every Saturday to run a 5k.  So I registered…. then didn’t make it to one of their runs until this weekend.  It was the most difficult 5k I’ve run in a long time – mostly because I went to the gym first.  (Saturday is a gym day, and I’m not willing to compromise that schedule.)  But I made it, I did it, and I even talked to strangers.  I finished 14th out of 25 runners, 11th out of the men, and 2nd in my age category.  (There was only one other guy in my age group and he finished like 10 minutes before me.  So that was less exciting.  But that’s okay.)

Doing that run after putting in an hour and a half at the gym really did suck, though.  Then again, a few weeks ago I was saying that the whole gym before work thing sucked and now it’s just part of my schedule.  So I’ll definitely be giving this another try.  Not sure if that’ll be next weekend or not.  It’ll most likely depend on whether I wake up early enough to finish at the gym in time to get to the park.

Then there’s the blacksmithing.  You’re probably thinking, “wait… what?!?” and I wouldn’t blame you.  A friend posted about a local blacksmithing school having their grand opening party this weekend.  Smithing is something that I’ve been kind of curious about for a while – I fully admit I get sucked into Forged in Fire marathons on the so-called History Channel – but never had the foggiest idea of where to start.  After learning about this school I signed up for one of their beginning blacksmithing sessions happening in March figuring worst case, I’m out some cash to find out it’s not for me.  Then I went to their grand opening party where I got to forge a bottle opener.  Matt was a great instructor, telling me what to do and why I should do it.  He heated the metal and held it on the anvil for me, but every hammer blow was my own.  That was a lot of fun, and now I’m super excited for my actual class in March.


Me and my bottle opener! Sorry for the blurry photo, I thought the goggles where just smudgy when I looked at it in the forge.

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