Bust That Cycle

It’s been over a decade since he first posted this video, but I’m still grateful to zefrank for the concept of “bust that cycle”.  I’m going to start you with that video for reference.  He gets to cycle busting at about the 1:00 mark, but I’ll go ahead and quote the important bit for those who don’t want to watch the video.  (There is an f-bomb in there later, for those sensitive to that sort of thing.)

“Busting your cycle is where you take one aspect of your life that’s more or less constant and you purposely bust it. By temporarily breaking a routine, you can often experience the world in a very different way. If you bust the right cycle, this shift in perspective can often lead to elation and a sense of possibility.”

So I’ve been trying to bust some cycles lately.  Probably the most obvious would be the whole gym thing.  I was trying to bust my cycles of “not being a gym person” and having fallen out of the habit of doing strength training at home.  That seems to be working pretty well, as evidenced by the fact that I’ve just begun my third week working out there.  Since this was my first gym-weekend when I didn’t have to get to orchestra rehearsals or concerts pretty much right after exercising, I decided to do bust another cycle while I was there this morning.

My membership includes access to these “total body enhancement pods” which look kind of like vertical tanning beds – but I am assured they’re not tanning beds.  (Those are in the next room over.)  I look at these with incredulity every time I walk by, probably mostly because I just don’t “get it” and usually don’t have the time to care.  Today, I decided to give it a go because I had time to spare and… well… what the hell?

So I signed up for the next available time slot, bought a pair of tanning goggles (they require you to have them even though this is not a tanning apparatus), and was escorted to the room containing my weird pod thingy.  Left alone I stripped down to my shorts, put on the goggles, climbed in, shut the door, and hit the “start” button.  Bright lights surrounded me as fans in the ceiling activated.  There are also handles on the ceiling, which an electronic voice prompts you to hold to help with stability.  Then the floor starts to vibrate while generic electronic music is piped in through the speakers.  And…. you stand there.  For like 10 minutes.  Then it all stops, you get out, get dressed, and go on with your life.

red light therapy?

This is my “I just spent 10 minutes in a bright, vibratey tube with fans blowing on my head and generic electronic music playing at me because reasons” face.

I still don’t really understand what it was supposed to do for me and I certainly didn’t feel anything but a bit foolish when it was done.  Some web searching after getting home tells me that these pods use what they call “red light therapy“, which I guess is actually a thing, and there’s apparently research out there stating that it’s beneficial to skin health, weight loss and… stuff.  So maybe I’ll give it a few more tries before writing it off.  I mean, since I’m already paying for the… privilege?

Then I decided to try one of the massage chairs.  (Another benefit with my membership.) At first I really wasn’t sure what to think about being molested by what otherwise appeared to be a comfy chair.  This, on the other hand, is something I could probably get used to and can actually see myself taking advantage of on a more regular basis.

massage chair reaction

This is my “this chair is kinda handsy and I think I’m starting to like it” face.

In other cycle busting news, I’m trying to be (a little) more socially active and (slightly) less hermit-like.  I have learned that Bookman’s has a monthly cookbook club where they choose a cookbook then everyone chooses recipes from it to make and bring to the next meeting.  And I’ve just joined it.  I wasn’t able to make it to their first meeting which was last night, but I’m signed up for next month.  So that’ll be a thing to watch for here.

And once again, I’ve written way more than I originally intended.  So if you’ve made it all the way through, congratulations and thanks for reading.

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