Sweet 60!!!

It’s taken just over two months – which included Thanksgiving, my birthday, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, an orchestra cycle, and starting a new workout regimen – but I finally hit the 60 pounds lost mark!!!

I was just a tenth of a pound away from this mark at my last weigh-in right before leaving town for Christmas, after which I bounced right back up a few pounds as one would expect when on indulges over the holidays.  Then with my new strength training routine at the gym, I knew my body would hold onto some extra water weight – if not actually gain a bit more – as my muscles healed and acclimated to the new activity.  Which it did.

I’d been floating around the same couple of pounds in the low to mid 220s for the last week and a half.  Yesterday morning I weighed in two tenths of a pound away from the 60-lost mini-goal.  This morning I whooshed right past it by a pound and a half!  So that’s nice.

Also, I finally fit back into all my proper tux pieces for the orchestra.  They don’t fit quite like they did when I bought them – yet – but they fit without busting at the seams.  I took a photo to use as a comparison for our next concert in April.


Then the gym thing.  I’ve just completed week two of the routine that my r/loseit friends call “Push/Pull/Legs”.  I’ve been working to figure out how to make this happen before work on weekdays (without having to get up at like 3am) so it’s done and I don’t have to think about it the rest of the day.  I think I’ve found the “sweet spot” of prep that I need to do to make it happen.  Here’s what my “night before the gym” checklist looks like:

  • Kitchen
    • Assemble breakfast components
      • Could be pre-mixing cottage cheese & hot sauce in a container, pre-portioning cereal in another container to keep it crunchy, and making sure there’s a spoon with my stuff.
      • Could also be something as simple as a Lara bar.  (This is what I did the last couple of days and it made the time between gym and work much more convenient.)
    • Assemble lunch/lunch components
    • Dole out my morning pills into a spare pill bottle
  • Go Bag
    • Exercise checklists
    • Pen
    • Padlock
    • Work clothes
    • Pill bottle from kitchen
    • “Shower shoes” (cheap flip-flops)
    • Towel
    • Shower kit
      • body wash (travel size lives in kit)
      • shampoo (travel size lives in kit)
      • scrubby thingy (either in kit or hanging on bathroom door to dry)
      • q-tips (travel size lives in kit)
      • deodorant (from bathroom)
      • beard oil (from bathroom)
      • hair gel (maybe) (from bathroom)
      • hair & beard combs (from bathroom)
  • Bedroom
    • Set out workout clothes
      • T-shirt
      • Shorts or pants
      • Sweatband

With all that done, I only have to get up about 15 minutes earlier on “gym days” than on “run days”.  I’ll take that.

And speaking of the gym…. I think a girl may have been checking me out a little bit today.  Maybe.  Okay, so here’s what happened.  I get on a treadmill far away from other people (because I’m antisocial like that) and get started with my warm-up walk/jog.  A couple of minutes in, a girl gets on the treadmill next to mine despite there being about a bajillion other vacant treadmills in the room.  Then out of my peripheral vision, I thought I saw her glance over at me a few times.  I just kind of ignored that because my peripheral vision has never been that great anyway.  Or maybe she was just curious about what speed setting I was using.  I don’t know.

So I finished my warm-up, then went to do my core exercises.  Nothing strange there.  Then I go to the TRX jungle gym looking thingy to start on the Pull exercises the trainer put together for for me.  In a break between sets, I happened to look up and Treadmill Girl was using one of the machines in the next area… but one which was oriented vaguely in my direction.

Now, these are most likely just coincidences which my muzzy and uncaffeinated early-morning brain linked together for some inexplicable reason.  And I’m happy to leave it at that unless there’s a repeat occurrence.  One of my r/loseit friends, however, says romcoms have informed him that Treadmill Girl and I “are about to engage in a torrid and hilarious relationship.”  So I guess that’s a thing to watch out for.  Or something.

I dunno.  I’m just going to keep doing my thing and see what happens, I guess.

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