On trying new things…

In my last post I wrote about joining a gym for the first time.  Now I’m going to write about actually going for the first time.

Technically, I’d been in the building three times already.  First time to check it out and sign up, a second time for orientation and my first one-on-one consult with a trainer, then a third one-on-one to go over the routines she’d put together for me.

Saturday morning, I actually went to Do The Thing.  (That’s how the kids are saying it these days, right?)  I got all the way through the first day’s workout as outlined by the trainer, got into my car to head home, saw the time, and discovered that I’d been at the gym for almost two hours.  I knew I’d been there longer than I had anticipated but… the hell?!?  Later that day, I was chatting online with some of my r/loseit challenge friends about my experience.  I wrote out the routine for them and they weren’t surprised that it took that long.  That was nice to hear, because I was feeling rather negatively about myself.

Today was supposed to be Day 2, but I absolutely failed to get out of bed in time to compensate for another two hour workout.  (Seriously, it would mean getting to the gym around 4am, and that’s all sorts of NOPE.)  So I packed a bag of the essentials to have ready in my car so I could just stop and do it on my way home after work.

Which leads me to my next point:  Making this work.  I hadn’t anticipated adding 2-hour workouts to my schedule.  I’m going to see what it takes to make that work this week and maybe next week, then see about scheduling another consult to discuss possibly combining some of the exercises somehow to cut my time commitment down.  I do need to keep in mind that I’m trying to add these new routines while in the midst of the latest orchestra cycle.  That’s certainly complicating my available time pool right now.  The concerts are this weekend, so next week should give me a better feel for “normal life” with the new workouts.

The other thing I’m having to figure out is what do I really need to have in my “go bag” to be ready to work out then get on with my life?  It’s actually easier on the way home from work since I don’t have to be all that presentable.  As my r/loseit friends advised this morning, I could even just have a sweatshirt or something to put on after working out so I don’t even have to shower at the gym while not worrying about getting my coat all funky.  (At least, while it’s still cool enough for layering to be necessary.)  But I also like having my workouts done early in the day so I don’t have to think about it later.  I’d kind of like to go straight from the gym to work in the mornings, but that requires bringing a fair amount of clothing and toiletries.

So for today it turns out I really just needed my workout clothes.  By the time I was done with tonight’s routine, I just wanted to get home and get dinner into the oven.  And I’m now writing this still unshowered and in my pajamas because I’m getting up to run in the morning anyway, so why bother?  Who am I going to offend?  The cats?  (Yes, I’ll definitely shower after tomorrow’s run.  I’m not the guy who goes to the office stinky.)

Also, and this was something I did NOT see coming, apparently Planet Fitness brings in pizza for their members?  Yeah…. that just feels like bringing a keg to an AA meeting: a royally bad idea.  I don’t get it.  Though I suppose it gives their employees a certain level of job security.

I’ve also found a new running path.  Yesterday was my Long Run day, but it was also raining and had been since the night before.  I knew parts of my usual route would be incredibly muddy, but decided to go for it anyway.  When I got to my first “route decision point”, I decided to try a raised and paved path that I’d seen before but didn’t want to try exploring in the dark.  (I slept in yesterday, so it was light enough to see unaided.)  This path is in only marginally worse condition than my usual route and is on an elevated berm for its entire length, so puddles and muddy overflows are nonexistent.  And it’s further away from the main road, so traffic noise isn’t as loud.  Pretty sure this will become my “usual” path for a while.  I’ll try it again tomorrow when it’ll still be dark out to see how I feel about it.

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