So we’re fresh off of Thanksgiving here in the USA.  I got to travel to visit with my parents for a few days last week, which was lovely.  We had a fantastic Thanksgiving meal, watched a few movies, and even got to drive out to the mountains to see some snow.

When I went to my conference in late October, I decided to aim for maintenance calories each day since I knew there was no way I could accurately log conference buffet food and I didn’t want to stress about seeing those red numbers in MFP for going over my deficit goal.  Came home about six pounds “heavier”, which I know was mostly water weight from markedly increased sodium intake for that week.  It took a couple of weeks, but my body sorted itself out once I was home and back on my routines.

For this Thanksgiving trip I decided not to alter my intake goal and instead, log to the best of my abilities and accept that I’ll likely go over my deficit goal just about every day – if not every day.  This seemed to work much better for me.  For about the same length of trip I was only up about three pounds once I got back home to my scale, and I’m starting to get back down again already.  So I guess that’s a lesson learned.

Aaaaaand… here are some photos I took while out and about with the parents.

Now for the rest of the holiday season….

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