C25K Report: Week 9

  • W9D1 (Mon)
    • Felt fine.  Was a little bummed that I only added a tenth of a mile to my W8 distances but then remembered that W9 runs are only two minutes longer than W8, so that’s about right.
    • Treated myself to the movies.  Decided to see the new Nutcracker flick.  Cute.  Enjoyed it, though the Mouse King was rather unnerving.  And the Mirlitons were terrifying.
      • Was planning on having a “movie lunch” of popcorn and soda.  Then I saw the calorie counts on the menu board, decided I didn’t want them that badly, and that I could wait until after the movie to get one of my favorite burgers on the way home.  Which is what I did.
    • I’m also going to take this film as an opportunity to plug my Switched-On Nutcracker album.  For those of you familiar with the old Switched-On Bach records, this is the same idea, just with selected pieces from the Nutcracker Suite.  All analog synth goodness, all played by me one track at a time, over and over and over and over and over.  No MIDI involved.  I’m pretty proud of it, even in the spots that are a little rough around the edges.  Please check it out.  And if you’re so inclined, you can even throw a few bucks my way.
  • REST DAY (Tues)
    • P90 Sculpt! Level 3-4
      • My Garmin crapped out about 80% of the way through.  Apparently 7% battery is not enough to get through this workout.
  • W9D2 (Wed)
    • COLD.  Not quite Minneapolis cold, but cold.  Wore two layers of long sleeves, wouldn’t have been a horrible idea to also wear two layers of long pants.  Note taken for Friday morning when temperatures should be similar to today.
  • REST DAY (Thurs)
    • No exercise today.
  • W9D3 (Fri)
    • FINISHED!  Mostly felt good, except for the little bit toward the end where I felt like I might puke.  Which was odd since I wasn’t pushing any harder than usual.  I suspect I was underhydrated.
    • Also, apparently the grumpy old men of my neighborhood come out to walk about a half hour after I usually finish my run.  At least, I’m assuming so given the number of them I passed on my way back home.  (Started my run about a half hour later than usual.)

This week’s rediscovered running music is…  well, there isn’t any.  Didn’t have anything come up this week that made me go, “YEAH!”

Since this marks my completion of C25K, I’ve registered for a 5K on December 1st to benefit arthritis research.  If you’d like to make a donation, you can do so here.  If not, no worries.  Everyone is asking for money this time of year.

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