C25K Report: Week 8

  • W8D1 (Tues)
    • Walk 5, run 28, walk 5 (all three days are the same)
    • Felt WAY better than the last two runs of Week 7.
    • Environment felt… strange.  Like, quasi-unsafe strange.  Kept my pepper spray ready in my hand for most of the run.
    • Think I’ve almost got my stride length figured out in my Garmin app.  C25K app logged 2.87 miles, and my Garmin watch tracked 2.82.  That’s only about a 105 foot difference.  It’s definitely better than the Garmin adding nearly half a mile to my actual distances.
  • REST DAY (Wed)
    • No exercise today.  Woke up too late and there wasn’t enough time after work.
    • Learned that I like Eritrean food.  Very much a lot.
  • W8D2 (Thurs)
    • Time was operating very strangely this morning.  I’m not convinced I was really out there for the full 38 minutes, despite what the C25K app and my activity band say.
    • Garmin step-counter recorded about a tenth of a mile shorter than the C25K app’s GPS tracking.  Still close enough for government work, I think.  For now, at least.
  • REST DAY (Fri)
    • No “proper” exercise, but I did move a bunch of printers around at work.
    • Also relocated all of my drums from the guest room closet at one end of the house to the laundry room shelves at the other end of the house.  Oh… and then had to figure out what to do with all the junk from the laundry room shelves.  Definitely worked up a good sweat with all that.
  • W8D3 (Sat)
    • Edited down my running playlist to remove the tunes it kept insisting on playing every week.
      • Seriously, what’s up with that?  My playlist was like 8 hours long!  How was it playing the same tracks so often on shuffle?  Anyway.  It’s about 5 hours long now.
    • 2.94 miles.  Felt good.  Just one more week to go!
  • REST DAY (Sun)
    • P90 Sculpt Level 3-4

This week’s rediscovered running music is “Would You Like To Go To The Rock And Roll Show?” by The Bittersweet Way.  You wouldn’t expect this version of this tune to be particularly conducive to running, but it just seemed to fit a dark, cool morning.  It also helped me keep a maintainable pace.

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