Aaaaand now it’s 50!

I’ve been flirting with – but not quite getting to – the 50 pound mark for most of the last week.  This morning I stepped on the scale to find I’d blasted right past the 50 pound mark by 1.2 pounds!

I put on about 6 pounds of water weight while traveling to a conference for work in late October.  It took a good two weeks to get rid of that after getting back home, so that set me back on the 50 pound mark by a couple of weeks.  On the other hand, I did offset some of that by continuing to exercise while I was away.  So it wasn’t a total crap-out on my end.

Just another 50ish pounds to go until I’m barely into the healthy BMI range, which is what my doctor would like.  In addition to MFP and my Garmin app, I’ve been tracking weight and daily calories consumed in a TDEE calculator spreadsheet just as a nice check for the info the other two apps provide.  It is estimating I’ll hit that goal in mid to late May, assuming I keep on track.

Of course we’ve got Thanksgiving, then my birthday, then Christmas, then New Year’s Eve just around the corner – all of which could delay progress.  And that’s okay.  It’s important to celebrate.  But it’s also important to stay on target between those celebrations.

So, yeah.  I’m still doing the thing, and the thing is still working for me.  I’ll take that.

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