C25K Report: Week 6

  • W6D1 (Thurs)
    • Walk 5, run 5, walk 3, run 8, walk 3, run 5, walk 5
    • Went fine, though finished session a good half mile away from my starting point.
    • Think I need to recalibrate my running stride length on my fitness tracker.  It thinks I went a good half mile (at least) further than I actually did.
    • Travel day (last day of JNUC, returning home).  Very tired.  Looking forward to my own bed.  And the cats.
  • REST DAY (Fri)
    • Got home around midnight last night/this morning.  Grocery/pet supply shopping after sleeping in, then orchestra rehearsal in Sierra Vista.
  • W6D2 (Sat)
    • Walk 5, run 10, walk 3, run 10, walk 5
    • Felt… not great.  Legs just didn’t feel good.
    • Orchestra dress rehearsal and concert in Sierra Vista.
    • Didn’t quite make it back into my smaller tux for this concert, but I did get back into one of my proper tux shirts.  And my old larger jacket fit properly again.  Here’s a photo comparing last April’s concert with this weekend’s concert. Didn’t quite manage to get the same angle, but I think the difference in my face is noticeable. tuxprogress
  • REST DAY (Sun)
    • Actually rested, for the most part.  Laundry, dyed pants for Halloween costume, was otherwise a vegetable.
  • W6D3 (Mon)
    • Walk 5, run 22, walk 5
  • REST DAY (Tues)
    • Sick day.  Woke up and the world would not stop spinning.  Called in sick and spent most of the day asleep.

This week’s rediscovered running music is another one of my originals, the EdBot5000 Megamix.  Did this as an art trade with EB5K a bunch of years ago.  He got this podcast music, and I got the painting shown in the track artwork below.  I really should make some more 8-bit style music again.  This was fun.

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