C25K Report: Week 3

  • W3D1 (Sun)
    • Looked at the breakdown for this week: 5:00 warmup walk, (1:30 run, 1:30 walk, 3:00 run, 3:00 walk) two times, 5:00 cooldown walk.
    • Wait… I already have to run 3 minutes solid?
    • Okay, I made it through the 3:00 runs.  It was tough, but I did it.
  • REST DAY (Mon)
    • P90 Sculpt 1-2
  • W3D2 (Tues)
    • It was COLD out this morning. (What? 52° F is cold to us desert dwellers.)  Opted for long pants and a short-sleeved shirt instead of my usual shorts and sleeveless shirt.  Also a beanie.
    • Almost wished I’d had long sleeves and light gloves.  Almost.  By the time I hit the cooldown walk, I was feeling pretty comfortable, so probably would have been a bit too warm had I worn more.
    • Unrelated: I finally fit back into the t-shirt I wore in the photo I use here.
  • REST DAY (Wed)
    • P90 Sculpt 1-2
      • Discovered my gut has shrunk enough that I can finally comfortably do a runner’s stretch.  Thinking I should maybe bust out the Sweat 1-2 session again and see if the Power Yoga bit is any less awkward for me.  (I’ve let C25K replace the P90 cardio days for now.)
    • Given yesterday’s t-shirt success, decided to try another one that I haven’t worn in ages.  Also fits.  I may have to go “shopping” in my “smaller shirts” bin this weekend.
  • W3D3 (Thurs)
    • Didn’t feel great, didn’t suck.
    • Not sure if I’m ready for Week 4, or if I need to repeat Week 3 days a couple more times.  We’ll see how I’m feeling next run day.
  • REST DAY (Fri)
    • No time for P90.  Steelband gig after work.

This week’s rediscovered running music is Romantika by the Apparat Organ Quartet.

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