C25K Report: Week 2

  • W2D1
    • Remembered to trust the app and go until it alerted me of the half-way point.
    • Clouds left-over from the previous night’s rain meant no false dawn to run in.  Realized that the mornings will swiftly be getting darker now, so I need to find my headlamp and ensure it has good batteries installed.  And maybe find my pepper spray.  You know, just in case.  It’s not the best area, or very well-lit.
    • P90 Sculpt 1-2
  • W2D2
    • Pretty sure I slept wrong.  Right thigh and ankle were a little twingey until I’d warmed up.
    • Found headlamp, but batteries were dead and I didn’t have time to put in fresh ones.  Was light enough out to not need it yet, so that was okay.
    • Also found my pepper spray, which I did take with me.
    • P90 Sculpt 1-2
  • W2D3
    • Bluetooth earbuds ran out of battery five minutes in, which was unfun.  Now I know they need to be charged after 5 runs at most.  Fortunately, there was nobody else around so I didn’t feel too weird about using my phone on speakerphone for music and C25K app cues.  (That’s a major pet peeve of mine – people broadcasting junk via their phone’s speakers rather than using headphones.)
    • Feeling ready for Week 3, I think.
    • Ran errands.  Lots and lots of errands.  This day is poorly named.

This week’s rediscovered running music was Ya Leil by Sufjan Stevens.  Gets me into my zen place, but not so much that it’s shocking when whatever the Shuffle Gods decide to play next.

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