Strange progress

I’ve had some interesting progress points recently.

First, my shorts refused to stay up today. I didn’t notice how loose they were before I left the house this morning, but the walk from the parking garage to the office was awkward at best. As was the walk from my office to the department where my work has been most heavily focused lately. It got to the point where I actually went up to the local drug store in hopes of finding a belt. (It was that, or attempt to use an ethernet cable from the surplus equipment pile.) Found one of those “As Seen on TV” click-belts for about $20 and decided it was worth the cost to avoid accidentally mooning*… well… anyone… as I walked around campus.

Given that experience, tonight I went into my bin of smaller shorts and pants and got to pull out a couple pairs of shorts which just about fit, and hopefully will be a better fit very soon. They’ve gone into the laundry bin so they’ll be freshly clean when I’m really ready to swap them in.

Now for the strangest thing. Tonight was cardio night with my P90 Sweat! Level 1-2 and Ab Ripper 100 DVD. I’ve been struggling to keep up with the pace and with having to modify some of the motions for quite some time. For whatever reason tonight I was able to keep pace with almost all of the exercises, and even was able to get through most of each of the more challenging exercises as demonstrated. (Those lunge-runs and cross-hops are tough!) I also inadvertently did the Ab Ripper 100 as Ab Ripper 110. It’s supposed to be 10 sets of 10 crunches and crunch-type exercises, but as I finished set 6 I realized I’d been counting to 11 for some reason. I figured I might as well finish the last four sets that way. Eleven. It’s ridiculous, it’s not even funny.

I have no clue where this extra energy and endurance came from so suddenly. Maybe it’s all the cross-campus walks I’ve had to take for work lately. Or maybe it’s because I’ve finally dropped enough weight to make all that jumping around easier to do. (I’m down 27 pounds as of this morning.) Or maybe it’s the new mustache wax I’m trying this week. I guess we’ll see whether this was a fluke or not next cardio day.

Oh, it’s been about two and a half weeks since I finished the Chantix. It took a week or so but I’ve started sleeping much better, which has been very nice. And I’m still smoke-free.

I injured my right shoulder a few weeks ago trying to push to heavier dumb bells too quickly on resistance days. Saw my doc about it yesterday and now have exercises along with an ice and ibuprofen regimen. If it doesn’t improve in a few weeks, then we’ll talk about PT.

*Mooning should always be intentional.

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