I think this is working

I’ve now been on the Chantix for two and a half weeks and last had a cigarette a week and a half ago.  (Well, okay, I did try one last Wednesday night. Did not enjoy it and could not finish it, so I am not counting it.)  My sleep patterns seemed to have settled down a bit since I last wrote.  I’m still having a restless night or two in a row, but the next night seems to be restful again.  Dreams are vivid and weird, but not freak-out weird, which I’ll take.  Here’s hoping I didn’t just jinx anything.

Here’s the part where I really know the Chantix is working, though.  Last week I dropped my iPhone, shattering the screen.  It landed face-down in the street and found the one rock that was taller than the edges of my phone case.  My first reaction typically would have been to find a cigarette or three and suck them down.  The thought didn’t even occur to me.  I just wanted my phone fixed.

Then Saturday while hanging out at the Apple Store waiting to get the phone back from repairs (thank you AppleCare+), I was just plain bored.  Again, I would normally have wished I could step out for a smoke to pass the time without losing my place in line – especially since I didn’t have another mobile device or a book with which to entertain myself.  But I didn’t want to go smoke.  I just wanted my phone back so I could get on with my day.

Today has been rather stressful. The thought of stepping out for a smoke has passed through my head a couple of times but when I really thought about it, I had no desire to actually have a cigarette.  I just wanted a convenient excuse to remove myself from a stressful and chaotic situation for a few minutes.  So I just left the room for a few minutes.  Problem solved.

Got in three days of exercise last week.  I’m finding the strength training workouts are getting easier, though the cardio ones are still kicking my ass.  I’ll get there, though. Just have to keep at it.  I also had a couple of less-than-ideal meals over the weekend.  Weight seems to be holding steady, which is better than going back up.

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