I need a nap.

Last week was insane.  Only got two days of exercise in (Mon & Tues) before my calendar asploded all over the place:

  • Wednesday: work, IT networking group gathering, band meeting about recording
  • Thursday: work (in training all day), recording with the band
  • Friday: work (in training all day), orchestra dress rehearsal
  • Saturday: weekend errands, orchestra concert, a friend’s rock band’s gig
  • Sunday: laundry, cats, and Netflix. Because I earned it.

I really needed an extra day to rest before coming to work Monday but that wasn’t going to happen.  While not nearly as heavily loaded as last week, this week has been rather draining as well, having already started with an energy deficit.  Fortunately, this weekend is looking to be pretty uneventful.

I also started taking both Chantix and a statin over the weekend.  I was a little concerned since the documentation for both of those medications listed side-effects including vivid and strange dreams or nightmares.  Given my tendency to have odd dreams in the first place, I was a bit nervous about that.  I didn’t experience any odd dream activity until last night. I don’t recall any dreams being particularly weird or disturbing, but they were more vivid than usual.  Right now I can only remember a few details from whatever I was dreaming when my alarm went off.  Details which I don’t feel are interesting enough to share.

Yesterday was also my first day with two doses of the Chantix, so I’m guessing that’s where the increased dream lucidity came from.  For those who have never used Chantix, you take one small dose in the morning for three days, add a second small dose in the evening for four days, then you’re up to regular doses morning and evening for the duration.  So maybe things will get weirder pretty soon, here.

So, yeah.  Just plugging away and trying to be better.

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