Slow and steady…

I had to go see my doctor about a month ago for a check-up in order to get my blood pressure prescription renewed.  He ordered a blood test as well, and the numbers were… not good.  (Not diabetic or even pre-diabetic, which is good, but cholesterol numbers were… really bad.  My other numbers were all normal, thankfully.)  I had a follow-up exam this week to talk about that.

He showed me some numbers for estimated likelihood of heart issues over the next 10 years.  Currently, I’m at just over 11% risk.  If I were to fully cut out smoking, that would drop me to about 3% risk.  Quitting on my own is clearly not working, so I opted to go ahead and get a prescription for Chantix.  I’ll be starting that on Sunday.

We also decided to go ahead and start me on a cholesterol medication, but that prescription hasn’t come through yet.

So that all happened.

I’ve only been averaging 2 or 3 days of exercise each week so far.  While that’s less than I’d like, it’s more than I was doing before.  It’s not been enough to make any noticeable changes on the scale or in the way my clothes fit, but the last couple of weeks I’ve noticed that my energy has been better.  Waking up in the morning isn’t quite the struggle it has been for so long, either.

My weight tends to fluctuate in a 5 pound range most of the time, and that range has been pretty static until this week.  At my follow-up with the doctor, he said I was a little lighter than when he last saw me a month ago.  While I didn’t look at the numbers to compare, I know I’m at the low end of a fluctuation right now.  That said, this morning the scale read almost two pounds less than my “usual” low.  So progress is happening.  Measurable progress.  Finally.

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