So goes another day

Did my P90 “sculpt” session this morning despite still being incredibly sore from yesterday’s room-painting shenanigans.  When I started back up doing P90 a couple of weeks ago, I kept myself to the 5lb hand weights.  This week, I’m mixing in the 10lb hand weights as I can.  While the heavier weights are definitely pushing me, I’m also finding that a number of the exercises are starting to be less of a struggle.

Went into work for a couple of hours for a Very Important Meeting (yes, I’m on vacation, but this is kind of a big deal) before heading back home to start binging Behind Stranger Things.  (Finished Stranger Things season 2 last night.  No spoilers, but I rather enjoyed it.)  Then I went out to hang with friends for a bit.

I’m back home now and doing some score study for the upcoming orchestra concert before crashing for the night.

I don’t think I’m going to get into the habit of daily update posts here, but it at least seems to make sense while I’m not thinking about work and stuff.

As always, thanks for reading.

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