Just keep swimming…

Only got three out of an intended five days of exercise in last week. But this is a new week. And I’m on vacation. My plan was to park on the couch in front of Netflix all week, but I realized that I have no excuse for missing even one day – especially since I’m not traveling anywhere. So I just got day 1 done.

Then there’s the part where I scored a really sweet bed headboard off Craigslist last week, so I’m also going to try to get my bedroom painted this week before mounting that headboard to the wall.

So the plan this week is exercise before getting to do Netflix or bedroom improvements. And I REALLY want to get that headboard in place before I have to go back to work in a week.

Also, there are band rehearsals and gigs through next weekend starting Friday night. I’ll be playing with Things That Aren’t Words at Mercado San Augustin on Saturday night, 5-8pm. Come say hi. (Sunday’s gig is a private event, or I’d talk about that too.)

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