Titles… meh.

So I only got 2 days of exercise in last week.  I think I went at it too hard Monday and Tuesday since I was so sore that I could barely walk Wednesday through Friday.  By Saturday morning the soreness was gone, but I was fighting our latest wave of cubicle plague.  I decided to take the weekend to rest.

So far this week I’m 4 for 4 on exercising after work.  Today will be day 5.  I’ve dusted off my Power 90 level 1/2 DVD and have been making use of that.  It has a structure, I’m already familiar with it, and it only takes half an hour or so.  (The cardio days take closer to 40 minutes if I do the “ab-ripper” bit they tack on at the end.) Plus, I can do it without leaving the house.  I know it’s too early to see any difference on the scale or in the way my clothes are fitting, but that’ll come if I stick with it.

Since at least January I’ve also been struggling – very much a lot – with the whole “I’m angry/stressed/bored/depressed. Screw it, I’m going to hit this drive through” thing.  Not just at meal times, but pretty much any time I’m out and about.  I know that food won’t fix my feelings.  I know this.  But it’s such an easy salve – even though I’m well aware that it’ll just leave me feeling worse after the fact.

So far this week I have avoided all drive-throughs.  Today was particularly challenging, given some recent developments that I can’t talk about.  (It’s okay.  I’m… well… I’m not fine, if I’m being completely honest.  But I’ll deal.) But I did it. I drove past all 10 drive throughs – and one Sonoran hot dog cart – that are along my usual route home. So there’s that.

Thanks for reading.

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