Progress Report

So it’s been about a month since my last post and I’ve been doing much better with my dietary choices. My efforts at re-establishing a regular running routine have fallen fairly flat, but I’ve been doing much better about at least getting out for a walk three or four nights per week. (Which also means finally starting to get caught up on my podcast listening again.) I very recently registered for the 2016 Gabe Zimmeran Triple Crown with the intention of forcing myself to really get back out there. This set of races will be a 5K in May, a very hilly 8-miler in September, and a half-marathon in October. Then – hopefully – my first (and likely only) marathon in December. But now I’m getting ahead of myself…

And there’s the Zombies, Run! virtual 5K/10K that I registered for a while back – mostly because it came with a really cool looking shirt. The window for that one is 3/30-4/11 so I have that coming up. I’m hoping to be able to work back up to running 5K without any walking breaks by then, but it’s coming up really quickly so that may not actually happen unless I decide to do it at the later end of the window. We’ll see.

While I don’t feel like I’m making any progress on my weight, the scale is trending back downward ever so slowly. And a co-worker asked me today if I’ve lost more weight, which was encouraging. She was shocked when I told her how much I’d gained back, and I thanked her for noticing that my renewed efforts were actually doing something.

I also did manage to drag my ass out of bed early enough for a run this morning. My lungs are still kind of pissed at me, but they’ll get over it as I get (and keep) a routine established.

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