So, it’s been a while…

Wow. I haven’t written here since the Cinco de Mayo 10k. It’s been a pretty crazy eight and a half months or so.

2015 was a rough year in general for my running “routine”… if you could even call it that. I really didn’t keep up with it at all, and I got lazy with my diet. As a result, I have gained back about two thirds of the weight that I lost in the previous year and a half.

Somewhere around August/September I finally accepted that I am incapable of being at so many rock shows and controlling my drinking/smoking habits (and then later junk food eating habits), so I made the difficult choice to stop playing with Wight Lhite. I thought quitting the band would make it easier to reign those other things in, but that didn’t happen.

October brought a pretty big promotion at work. While I’ve been enjoying the new responsibilities – and the pay raise – the new job is much more sedentary in nature than the old one. And then there’s the part where my new desk is right next to the office snacks. Yeah… that’s not helpful.

I got to go on my very first business trip in early November to the MacTech conference in Manhattan beach. It was enjoyable but exhausting. Also, I learned that it’s a really bad idea to spend a couple of days at Disneyland immediately before a conference. Then there was Thanksgiving, December full of work holiday lunches and office treats, then Christmas and the closing of the year.

Hit the ground running in January in every sense of the word except for actual running. On the work-front, we were rebuilding servers and a bunch of computer labs starting on my first day back. That first weekend also marked the first rehearsals for the Sierra Vista Symphony’s winter concert. Things were pretty stressful and I utterly failed at trying to quit smoking again. After nearly falling asleep while driving back home from one of those rehearsals, I stopped and picked up a pack of smokes because they were the only way I could stay awake.

At that January orchestra concert, I was dismayed to discover that the tux I had been so proud of purchasing a year and a half ago no longer fit as it should. Thankfully I’m cheap and purchased a used rental tux, so I was able to extend all the extendable parts but I was still straining to get everything fastened appropriately. I thought that would be enough of a trigger for me to straighten things out, but apparently not.

Monday morning as I was getting ready for work, I discovered that my one pair of “fat jeans” had suddenly just become… my jeans. None of my smaller jeans fit at all. This is not okay. I am not okay with having to buy larger clothes and refuse to do so if it can be helped. So I managed to get up early enough for a run yesterday (Tues) morning, and took a walk after dinner last night. After that I got sucked into a documentary on PBS and ended up staying up too late, so I slept through my first alarm today.  I am determined to get a walk in tonight, though.  And get to bed early enough to get up and run tomorrow.

I know how hard these bad habits were to break the first time around and am really upset that I let them get re-established. The tough thing is that they all seem to feed each other. I know changing a bunch of habits at once isn’t always a good idea, but I think that may be what I have to do this time.

I guess time will tell.


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