10k race report

10k race today.  This was my first time repeating a race, so going in already knowing the course was a new experience.  I actually did much better than I’d anticipated given I haven’t been running nearly as often or as far as I would have liked in preparation.  Ended up not walking nearly as much as I thought I would need to, which was nice.

I got all excited near the finish when I heard someone shout, “Hurry! If you hurry, you might beat 1:10!”  Sure enough, the clock said 01:09:54.  So I put on an extra burst of energy and crossed the line only seconds after it switched over to 01:10:00.  I was thrilled to have beat last year’s time by almost five minutes!

Then the actual times were eventually posted online.  Gun time 1:15:40.  Chip time 1:14:54.  So 13 seconds slower than last year.  Had I actually paid attention to the recorded time on my phone, I would have realized the finish line clock was off and saved myself a little disappointment (both RunKeeper and Zombies, Run! reported 1:15 and change) but that’s okay.  As unprepared as I felt for this one, I still basically equaled last year’s performance.  And you know what?  I’ll take that.  Hell yeah, I’ll take that.

Placed 449th out of 592 total and 21st out of 22 in my age group for the men.

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