strange dreams

I really wasn’t sure where else to put something like this but I felt I needed to get it written down. So it will be going here.

I’ve been having a string of very strange quasi-recurring dreams lately. They always start with me being out on tour with Peter Paul & Mary’s backing band. As far as I can tell, PP&M aren’t actually touring – it’s just the backing band for some reason. I’m usually playing bass or guitar which is also odd given that I don’t actually play either of those instruments particularly well.

As we go along playing a string a shows, unusual things start to happen. I can’t recall any specifics but things in the dream environment just don’t feel “right”. The next thing I know, I’m fighting for my life – sometimes with the help of the backing bandmates, sometimes alongside some friends that I play pool with, and occasionally just on my own – against some apocalyptic force which is different every time I have the dream. Could be zombies. Could be robots. Could be vampires (no sparkly ones, thank you). Could be aliens. I don’t think I’ve encountered werewolves yet, but it’s honestly hard to say for sure. I think you get the idea, though.

Then I wake up. I never know if we won or not. Sometimes I get injured in the dream, other times it seems I’m the only one to come through unscathed. Last night at some point I fell wrong and broke my right shin bone but the one doctor in our group refused to set and splint it. A friend offered to do it instead and grabbed my leg to give it a yank into place. That’s when I woke this time.

I don’t think I would necessarily categorize these as nightmares. Just very strange dreams. And what’s the deal with the Peter Paul and Mary part?


    1. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. That part doesn’t bother me so much. It’s the repetitive nature of the experience which has me wondering what my brain is trying to tell me.

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