One problem with losing weight – UPDATED

Winter is coming. The temperatures here dropped about 20 degrees (F) over the last two days – as they will do. (We don’t usually get gradual season changes here. Nature just seems to flip a switch over a day or two. Or some years be having a lightswitch rave with the weather controls.) We dropped into the 40s overnight and today’s forecast high is 66° – our first high that low since March. I got really excited because this meant I could finally start wearing some of my warmer clothes again.

Yeah, about that…

They all look absolutely ridiculous on me. I honestly don’t know why I was surprised by this because I’ve been slowly buying smaller clothes over the last several months, which means I’ve been buying items appropriate for Tucson summers. I know my old cold-weather clothes are too big. I guess I’d hoped the outer layer items wouldn’t be so bad since they’re supposed to be kind of bulky any way. Not so much the case, that.

So I’ll be checking the bank balance and trying to pick a couple of key items so I can stay warm but not look stupid. This is ultimately a good thing. I have way too many pieces of warm clothing for one person living in Tucson. It will be cathartic to add the old stuff to the Donate Pile and clear more space in the closets.


Yup. A coworker just commented on the voluminous nature of the light jacket I chose to wear today. I told her it was the least tent-like option I had – which isn’t saying much. I did just remember that I have a much more appropriately sized flannel  shirt which I found on the side of the road during one of my walks last week but I haven’t had a chance to wash it yet. So that’d be a great big NO on wearing it to work just now.


  1. Isn’t it funny how so many people consider buying new clothes to be a “problem” they’d love to have because they’d lost weight. Yes, it can be because, for some of us, it means items we only dared dream of finding in our size, but mostly… it’s expensive, time consuming and worst of all (yes, TOTAL first world problem, I agree) you can’t find a lot of your favorite gear because they’re just not AVAILABLE any more!

    I had thousands to spend on a makeover when I lost the weight (you’d be amazed how much money you save when you go from eating enough for two to eating like a newborn) and I’d go from store to store (online or otherwise) going, “Gagh! no. Nope. Also no. What the hell is THIS and why are people wearing it” for months. So mostly I defaulted to stuff that would shrink with me like yoga pants and cotton/spandex shirts or Walmart’s thrifty but reasonably presentable items. That said, and I mean this will all my heart, I LOVE when it gets colder (although I’m always about 10 degrees colder than I used to be, thanks to losing a whole person worth of insulation) because I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE hoodies and huge, bulky sweatshirts. I never used to be able to find anything big enough to get that snuggledy blankie feeling. I probably now have about 20 hoodies of varying color, fit and thickness (I have to wear them even in the summer time, here – I was catching pneumonia from constantly going from blistering heat to arctic AC).

    Good luck. Maybe this is a chance to do some style reinventing? At any rate, I’m betting Tucson has some killer thrift stores you may want to hit.

    1. Expense is certainly my biggest concern since I’ve never been terribly fashion-focused. I’ve been getting most of my weight loss shirts at thrift shops because I can usually pick up three of four there for the price of one from Target. I’ll buy shorts and jeans new, though.

      Also, I’m not terribly interested in investing too much cash into clothing since I’m really just “passing through” right now. Once I’m down to my goal weight I’ll be willing to consider some “investment pieces” (and perhaps seeking style advice) but that just doesn’t make any sense for me at this point. I’ll see if I can find a light-weight outer layer that I like for now, then probably try to find something heavier closer to Thanksgiving when I’ll be heading North of The Wall to visit family.

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