Stuff… with things…

Wow. I haven’t written here in almost a month. I guess I’ve kind of been afraid of jinxing anything.

After adding P90 back into my routine on non-run days, the needle on the scale finally started dropping again. I’m now down about six more pounds since then and (hopefully) still counting. That 200 mark on the scale has been taunting me for far too long. I’m really hoping to have conquered that particular landmark by the end of the month. My other measurements are also decreasing. I finally checked them again the other day and my chest, waist, and hip measurements are each down half an inch.

I’ve also had another cholesterol check since I last posted. Unfortunately, it had basically stagnated. My levels were slightly lower than a few months earlier, but only just. Since I was renewing my focus on exercise and whatnot, the doctor was okay with waiting another 3-4 months to see if my re-increased exercise levels and more dietary changes will put any more of a dent in the cholesterol. If I keep up the increased work and there’s still minimal or no change, then it’s a pretty safe bet that I’m just fighting a losing battle against my genes and it’s time to start meds to treat it. There’s also the possibility of starting the meds and then going off them once I hit a BMI of 25* and seeing what happens. My BMI is currently just over 29.

So what am I doing about the cholesterol? As far as exercise goes, I’m being much more diligent about being sure I do something active at least six days each week even if it means going for a late-night walk because I overslept and didn’t get my morning exercise in. Many days, I’ll do my normal exercise in the morning and then get an extra walk in that night after dinner if I’m feeling stir-crazy and/or craving sweets or something. The biggest change food-wise has been switching my breakfast from fruit and eggs to high-fiber oat-based cereals, and trading out my snacks of nuts for fresh fruit. (I mean, seriously. It’s cherry season!)

Yes, I already take fiber and fish oil supplements daily along with a multivitamin. And my diet includes tons of garlic because yum. (And also, who am I going to be kissing ever? Seriously.)

I tried the P90 Level 3-4 resistance training and AbRipper 200 DVDs for the first time yesterday. Yes, ever.  And holy crap, they kicked my ass. In a good way. Today just about every part of my body except for my scalp hurts like nobody’s business. Ah, DOMS. And I get to do it all again tomorrow.

I’ve crossed paths with The Happy Lady a few times lately as well. She has taken to greeting me with, “Heeeeey, Slim!” While I don’t consider myself anywhere near slim (yet), you’d better believe I’ll take that.



*(I know there are a ton of opinions out there about whether or not BMI actually means jack shit, especially when it comes to individuals. I honestly don’t know what I think about it one way or the other, though I do wish I had asked the doctor to take a body fat measurement at our last appointment. I’ll try to remember that for next time.)

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