General update

I’m happy thrilled to announce that the needle on the scale has finally started moving downward again, as have the other measurements that I’ve been tracking. I’m currently in my third consecutive week of using my Power90 strength training DVDs on every non-run weekday. That’s something I haven’t really done with any regularity since finishing C25K back in December. I’m keeping the non-run weekend day as a rest day, though. Some other changes that I’ve made:

  • Started buying a different batch of stonefruits (plums, peaches, nectarines, etc.) each week for my breakfast fruit instead of the Granny Smith apples.
  • Replaced my 10am and 3pm snacks of almonds or cashews with Granny Smith apples. (What? I really like them.) I’m hoping the price of cherries drops soon. They’ll be another really good snack option but at $6/pound, they’re a little out of my budget just now. Especially when the the store only carries them in 2-pound bags.
  • Re-added rice as a side to my baked protein and vegetables for dinner.
  • Started using fish as my protein with dinner more often again.

I’ll be going in tomorrow (Fri) to have blood drawn to check my cholesterol levels again. Here’s hoping for good numbers. I’ll also be getting my first physical in almost 20 years next week. I’m not going to lie, I’m a little nervous about that.

I did cross paths with the Happy Lady again one day last week. This time we were headed the same direction and actually got to talk a little longer, which was nice. I really do miss seeing her as frequently as I used to.

My foot is doing pretty well. It hadn’t bothered me at all for a while until my run this last Monday. It was fine again on Wednesday but I’m rethinking my original plan of trying for a half marathon in October. I think I pushed myself too hard too fast to get to the 10k in May and don’t want to repeat that injury. Also, the race is on a pretty crappy date. (Late orchestra concert the night before, race early the next day, then catch a train that night.) Will most likely choose to do the 5k associated with the event, then work toward a half marathon in December. Maybe I can make a 30-minute 5k my goal for October.

Also, I have not purchased cigarettes (or bummed any from smoker friends) since writing the post about quitting smoking. I have had a couple of small cigars since then, though. They fill the “I want to smoke something!” gap, but leave my mouth tasting much worse than cigarettes ever did. That, and I really don’t inhale the cigar smoke that much. Baby steps, I guess.


    1. Thank you! I think what really kicked things back into gear was getting back into the P90. Then again, I did make all those changes more or less at the same time so it really is tough to say for sure.

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