Thank you, Happy Lady.

I was having a pretty crappy time at work today. Much end-user asshattery to be had. It was all I could do not to head downstairs to the bakery and buy some cookies. Or go to the candy shop up the block for some chocolate. Or go to the corner store for some cigarettes. All these impulses were getting to be too much to handle, so I decided to go for a short walk on campus to clear my head.

As I neared the Student Union, I crossed paths with The Happy Lady. I don’t know her real name and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know mine, but we worked in the same building for a couple of years and frequently passed each other in the halls. I call her The Happy Lady because she always has a huge smile on her face and is just so happy to see everyone.

Any way, I hadn’t seen her in several months since I’ve been moved to another building. When she saw me today, I was greeted with that great big smile and “Hi, how are you?” that I’d come to know. And then she surprised me. “You are just wasting away!” she proclaimed. “What is your secret, because I have got to know!” I laughed, thanked her, then told her that it was just diet and exercise. She asked if I was exercising at the campus rec center and I told her no, I run around my neighborhood and also have some DVDs that I use. “And being careful about what you eat?” she asked. “Yup,” I said. “Being careful about what and how much I eat.” Then she said, “Well it really shows! I mean, you weren’t like ‘BLERGH!’ or anything before, but the change is certainly noticeable. I almost didn’t know you!” Once again I thanked her, we wished each other well, then headed on our separate ways.

So thank you, Happy Lady. You brightened what was turning into a pretty trying day.

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